No more using live fish in pedicures, state rules

By | October 3, 2008

No more using live fish in pedicures state rules

Nail salons won’t be allowed to use live, skin-eating fish when performing pedicures, the state Department of Licensing has ruled. A King County salon had offered the service, in which tiny fish eat dead skin cells, but no longer. State officials require all tools and implements used in a pedicure to be sanitized, disinfected or disposed of after using. “We do not believe you can properly sanitize a live fish,” said Liz Luce, director of the Washington state Department of Licensing. “We are greatly concerned about the safety of salon customers who choose to put their feet in a tank of live fish to eat away dead skin,” she said in a statement. – bizj

Having the pedicurist doing the nibbling just isn’t the same, because their mouths are much bigger and they might accidentally eat an entire toe. This is what it used to look like…

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