No Car Week, Day 2: Ride the Bus

By | April 25, 2006

No Car Week Day 2 Ride the BusSo, I’m up early today. Yesterday I walked to work and back home in bad shoes and got blisters. Spent $10 on new socks, much less than I’d spend on a tank of gas.

I’ve learned that my parking permit doubles as a free bus pass, so today was my first day on local mass transit. I can walk to work in 52 minutes and it takes 20 minutes on the bus.

What is the best bike I can get for the price of one tank of gas? I looked at bicycles yesterday and was shocked by the prices. Anything I wanted was $300-$600. There is however, a Police Bike Auction coming up April 29th, this Saturday. From 8 to 9 AM you can check them out, then the auction starts at 9 AM. They have over 400 bikes. Mostly they look abandoned and are fixer uppers. Some need air, some other work. The average bid is $20-30. There are usually two of these per year. Call: (530) 752-BIKE. Cool. There are a few $50 bikes on Craigslist bike section.

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