Ninety-year-old West Yorkshire woman hits hole-in-one

By | May 3, 2010

Mary TattersallMary TattersallA 90-year-old woman from West Yorkshire has amazed her fellow golfers by hitting a hole in one.

Mary Tattersall made the 181yd (165m) shot on the second hole at Shay Grange Golf Centre in Heaton near Bradford.

The pensioner, who has only been playing golf for two years, said she felt amazed and stunned to have achieved the feat.

She was given a special trophy by the club to mark her success on the par three hole.

‘Amazing woman’

“I was going around with friends and on the second tee off was amazed to find that I couldn’t find my ball and it was in the hole,” Ms Tattersall said.

“I was quite amazed really, and stunned, and so were my fellow golfers at the same moment.”

Ms Tattersall was 88 when she took up golf to get some exercise and make new friends.

Jordan Gibson, owner of Shay Grange, said she was a natural at the sport.

He said: “It’s very rare to get a hole in one. Mary is a real natural with excellent hand and eye co-ordination. She loves golf and plays in all weathers.

“She is an amazing woman, when you see her getting in and out of her car I always feel I should go and help her, but she just jumps out, swings her clubs on her back and she’s away.”

Ms Tattersall said: “I’m not a competitive person, I only come up to the Shay because it’s a very good exercise, better than going to the gym.”

via BBC News – Ninety-year-old West Yorkshire woman hits hole-in-one.

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