NEW! UFO video Katy TX April 24 09

By | May 2, 2009

What I like is that people are bypassing media filters so much at this point that if a real event happened people all over the world would see it very quickly.

Comment on ATS:

It looks interesting and the guy filming seems to trip and almost fall over when he sees it come back out of the cloud. He mentions in the video that he has been seeing a lot of UFOs lately. He does have some other interesting videos in his channel.

3 thoughts on “NEW! UFO video Katy TX April 24 09

  1. LRA

    Houston is a city of 6 million people. If there was a UFO, don’t you think more people than just this guy would report it?

    1. los

      not everyone reports and films theyre UFOS. This guy was just motivated to start filming what he sees to show people. and this guy is in downtown Katy, not Houston. you really think people can see the sky over Houston very easy all that light pollution? and 6 million population? really? wheres ur source for this?

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