New Stem Cell Breakthrough

By | January 25, 2009

New Stem Cell Breakthrough

A recent report may give hope for doctors and patients who wish to utilize stem cell research. As Teri Okita reports, embryonic stem cells may treat people safely and help lead to new cures.

Treatments with stem cells are still years away, they say, but this is a first step into a new world. And also, you do not have to destroy embryos, just reprogram some adult cells:

In a compelling scientific feat, independent teams of researchers in Japan and the U.S. have created human embryonic stem cells without destroying any human embryos. Scientists said they “reprogrammed” mature human cells and returned them to a primordial, embryonic-like state in a laboratory dish.

The hope is to someday convert those cells into fresh heart, nerve or other tissue and transplant it into a patient to treat diabetes, Parkinson’s disease or other ailments. – wsj


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