New free Xeno song: Night with an Empty Bucket

By | May 3, 2009 free Xeno song: Night with an Empty Bucket

This song is what happened as I was testing various instruments in Cubase 5 which I just purchased.

It is odd for me to write a song with no guitar.

Inspired by hearing about people who travel to foreign countries to help people less fortunate, and by this picture which accompanied this story:

Gunshots ricocheted around Nairobi’s streets and houses and shops burned today as Kenya’s post-election violence escalated. The Foreign Office has now warned ‘against all but essential travel to Kenya’ and British tour operators have cancelled tours to the country for the rest of the week. The Federation of Tourist Operators is also considering travel arrangements for the 7,000 Britons already on trips in Kenya – metro

See the box on the left for the song. Click to play or download “Night with an Empty Bucket”.

I sometimes change the song that is uploaded on the box to improve the mix  so if you download you may get an older version, but please steal this for your iPod or whatever if you like listening to it.

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