Free Music: 2 New Xenophilia Songs + Top 10 Strange Topics

By | October 22, 2008

Check out the widget on the left side of this web page. I’ve added two new Xenophilia originals “What Have I Done” and “Holy Toledo” from Albert Studios in Sacramento about a year ago.  There are things about the vocals I don’t like and need to fix, but …eh.. not super bad, so I’m making them pubic. Enjoy.

Other news:

Upcoming Gig: UC Davis Coffee House (CoHo) Tuesday, December 2 at 6:20-6:50pm

Xenophilia means love of the strange. The band’s award winning science fiction folk rock covers the cure for cavities, crop circles, the Mothman, moon landings, and other topics fed by true strange news from  Xeno’s blog:

This next show will focus more on oddities.  If you were going to give a lecture at a university, what would you say? My lecture would be: “Weird Stuff 101”

Class Outline

– Tinfoil Hats  (bio effects of EM radiation, industry corrupts science, be a free thinker)
Apollo Moon Landings (curious but skeptical, best of the hoax evidence)
– Cryptids: The Moth Man, Chupacabras, Sky Fish, (uncertainty is a power source, men in black, psyops)
Crop Circles (Occam’s razor cutting crops)
The Hollow Earth (odd ideas from the past)
– Biologically Interesting People: Hensel Twins, Jill Price, Angelo Faticoni, Wim Hof (e pluribus unum)
– Nitenol (UFOs, aliens, Roswell, and reality)
– Zero Point Energy (Pandora’s box)
– Lucid Dreams (my true weirdest experiences on earth, psychic phenomena, interpretation after the fact.)
Rife’s 1930’s “cancer cure” & Aubrey De Grey’s SENS (Modern medicine = complete failure. The death rate is 100%. Not one person has ever been saved. Then again, there are too many of us anyway.)
Cavity Cure (Hope attracts. How I got a dental rejection letter then healed 5 cavities. )

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