New extreme Hubble shows deepest view yet of night sky

By | October 1, 2012

New 2The Hubble eXtreme Deep Field, or XDF, adds another 5,500 galaxies to Hubble’s 2003 and 2004 view into a tiny patch of the farthest universe.

Hubble returned to the same target more than 50 times over the past decade, racking up an additional 2 million seconds of exposure time. The most distant objects found date back to about 500 million years after the universe’s formation some 13.7 billion years ago.

The early universe was a violent place, filled with colliding and merging galaxies that radiate in bright blue light, a telltale sign of new star formation.

The Hubble portrait also shows brilliantly shining spiral galaxies and older red fuzzy galaxies whose star-formation days are over.

More than 2,000 images of the same field, taken by Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys and its near-infrared Wide Field Camera 3, were combined to form the XDF.

“XDF is the deepest image of the sky ever obtained,” astronomer Garth Illingworth, with the University of California at Santa Cruz, said in a statement. “It allows us to explore further back in time than ever before. …

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  1. Fred Killer

    Cool, more potential life that has probably come and gone by now. Yet many otherwise intelligent people still don’t get it after all this stargazing.

    We’re the highest known life forms, notwithstanding extra or terrestrial aliens as the case may or may not be but apparently it’s all just some random accident of no significance and we’ll probably never happen again ‘because the mathematical odds are too great’ or some such blinkered nonsense.

    The solution to an equation is only as good as the breadth of the input data. Nothing exists in isolation. It’s all connected. No mathematical model could possibly contain in parallel all of the parameters necessary to simulate the Universe and all of the interactions of energy frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum and beyond. Matter, non-matter, dark, cold, hot dark whatever.

    Only one computer can process this much information and that’s the ‘Mastermind’ we affectionately call God and other various names.

    It’s conscious and wants to know what it’s capable of.

    For all we know, the first humanoids or sentient life forms may have lived billions of ‘years’ ago in one or more of those fuzzy red, dying galaxies, thinking that they will never happen again because the odds are too great against it.

    Given enough ‘time’ everything becomes inevitable. Think about it. 😉

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