New Dinosaur Discovered, Matches Ancient Figurines?

By | August 29, 2006

New Dinosaur Discovered Matches Ancient Figurines

The Figurines Of Acambaro, Mexico according to some, accurately depict very specific types of dinosaurs only recently discovered … and more, they (like the Ica Stones) depict a time when dinosaurs and men lived together, something modern science denies. While I don’t share the biblical explanation on, I’m intrigued by this mystery.
A new dinosaur discovery, the Titanosaur, to my eye anyway, bears a startling resemblance to many Acambaro figurines in both shape and size relative to humans. Since this dinosaur was only discovered in 2006, figurines from hundreds, thousands (or millions?) of years ago would obviously be more than remarkable. Compare the Acambaro figurines to the Titanosaur skeleton:

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