New CIA Chief Supports Ignoring Constitution, Spying on Americans

By | May 10, 2006

New CIA Chief Supports Ignoring Constitution Spying on Americans“CIA nominee may soften on eavesdropping”? Translation: Every day we don’t throw the criminals out, the Bush mob tightens the military take-over of the USA, a coup it began on 9/11.

“CIA director-nominee Michael Hayden has told at least one Democratic senator that he may be open to changing the law that governs eavesdropping on U.S. soil to allow the Bush administration’s warrantless surveillance.”

“According to Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., Hayden indicated he could support a congressional debate on modifying that law. “

Bush broke the law. Why is he still in office? This is absurd.

One thought on “New CIA Chief Supports Ignoring Constitution, Spying on Americans

  1. Dunamis

    The US is based in part on the Roman state. In times of crisis dicatorial powers were granted to make swift choices when action is required.

    I predicted the exact course of action the government would take, and they did. That’s what a knowledge of political science will get you.

    All is normal.

    Meanwhile, why not add a message board to your site. It would be lots of fun.

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