New Bigfoot Photos to be released?

By | May 8, 2006

New Bigfoot Photos to be released

A book on the Johor Bigfoot, said to include exclusive photographs of the elusive creature, has caused a stir among cryptozoologists around the world. … He added the individual wished to remain anonymous for the time being.

“The owner of the photographs has only agreed to allow them to be used in our book.

“All I can say is that the photographs are convincing and all visible signs point towards the possibility that the Johor Bigfoot could be a variant of the Homo erectus species of hominids (creature resembling humans), thought to have gone extinct some 50,000 years ago or that it is an unknown hominid.”

Loren Coleman, a leading cryptozoologists, in his website, open- ed a discussion on Thursday on the new book and received a flood of comments from the international community of cryptozoologists and Bigfoot enthusiasts.” – more

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