My crashed Acer laptop

By | February 26, 2009

No new posts due to my laptop being dead… Check back Friday. This was my second and last Acer laptop. The Aspire 5610’s screen caught on fire and started smoking while I was  watching the Return of Spinal Tap. They fixed it, but a few months later I had a green line down the center of the screen and then several keys stopped working. I thought it was a virus, but the same problem existed even in the BIOS.  My “y” key was dead, so I couldn’t say yes! Ended up using Alt 121 or something as a replacement for Y and that worked.  Happy with the Gateway so far… with HDMI input I may be able to get videos uploaded from my camera now.

3 thoughts on “My crashed Acer laptop

  1. Xeno

    I’m finally back up and running on a Gateway T-Series with a 3 year warranty from Radio Shack. More power than before. Pulled Vista off of there and got XP running, but Gateway does not support XP, so I had to get the wireless driver from RealTek. A few drivers sill missing, but good enough. I do like the look of the macbook. Perhaps next time.

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