Nepalis flock to see ‘baby god’

By | August 18, 2009

Baby Risab with his mother Januk Ghimire  Thousands of people are flocking to a remote and mountainous village in Nepal to see a malformed baby which many are now worshipping as a God.

Suffering from a rare abnormality, baby Risab has a headless “parasitic twin” attached to his abdomen and was born with four arms and four legs.

His impoverished parents say all they want is for Risab to have a “normal body”.

They are worried that some see the baby not as a blessing but a curse – the reason why monsoon rains are late.

Januk Ghimire, the 32-year-old mother of the baby, has had to become used to visitors because thousands have descended on her village since Risab was born in January.

To many locals, he is seen as a miracle and revered as the reincarnation of Ganesh, the Hindu elephant God, whose common forms have several arms.

“About 5,000 have come altogether. Some from faraway districts, by bus or walking,” said Prem KC, a local teacher.

As news spread, as many as 100 visitors come every day to see the baby.

“Some people, when they see me, they say I’m the father of God,” says the baby’s father, Rikhi Ghimire, a thin-faced figure with muddy legs from working in the fields.

“They come to worship him and give him money. They just give a few rupees, make an offering. Sometimes they give clothes or food”.

The family of five live in a one-roomed house, a day’s walk from the nearest main town, which they share with goats and chickens. …

via BBC NEWS | South Asia | Nepalis flock to see ‘baby god’.

People in India have such great attitudes. Everything is a blessing. The worse things get for you, the better they are. We in America could learn from this. Got a headless parasitic twin? Awesome, you are a god.

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