Neighbourhood Watch catchs burglar with 1000 hidden Euros

By | August 30, 2009

eurosMembers of the Bedar Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) yesterday helped apprehend a burglar carrying very unpleasant “booty”.

Events began when a member of the NHW returned to his home in the El Curato area in the municipality of Bedar at around 17:00 to find a burglar on the premises.

The householder tried to apprehend the man, who reports indicate was of North African extraction, but he managed to climb over a wall and escape in his car.
NHW coordinator, Mike Chard, explained what happened next. He said: “There is a very active Neighbourhood Watch scheme operating in the area and the householder immediately rang around a number of resident members to alert them of what had happened.  “One of the residents who was contacted, a retired man named John Gibb, saw the burglar driving past and realised he was heading down a dead end, so he immediately got into his car and blocked the road off.”

Events took a dramatic turn when the burglar returned at high speed, flashing his lights in an attempt to intimidate the man into clearing the way. But Mr Gibb refused to back down and heaved a rock through the burglar’s windscreen, smashing it completely. The burglar drove away and subsequently abandoned the vehicle after turning into another dead end. He was finally apprehended by police on the Los Gallardos – Bedar road.

A subsequent cavity search revealed the burglar to be carrying 1000 Euros in cash placed within his anus.

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