Nazis hoped to found empire in Amazonian rainforest

By | October 28, 2008

German scientists took an expedition to a remote region of the Brazilian Amazon on the border with French Guyana to see if they could set up a Nazi outpost in the Amazon. The book, The Guyana Project: A German Adventure on the Amazon, says the Nazis believed they were destined to colonise and settle in parts of the world much like the pioneers of America’s west. On an island on a tributary of the Jari River, author Jens Gluessing found a 9ft-high wooden cross etched with swastikas. The inscription says: “Joseph Greiner died here on 2.1.1936, a death from fever in the service of German Research Work.” Mr Gluessing discovered photographs of the expedition by exploring German and Brazilian archives. He found that Greiner was one of three sent by the SS to explore the region bordering French Guyana with a view to populating it on behalf of the Reich.

The team, using the cover story they were collecting specimens of fauna and wildlife, reported back to their boss Heinrich Himmler on how German soldiers could live in Brazil….

“They alone offer spacious immigration and settlement possibilities for the Nordic peoples.” He added of the Amazon area: “For the more advanced white race it offers outstanding possibilities for exploitation.” It would appear however before the plan was finalised, Himmler lost interest, thus shelving a potential Nazi South American colony. … – telegraph

Some parts of the rumors that Nazi UFOs have been spotted in South America may stem from verifiable facts like this. Here is a video (in Russian) in which Russia supposedly admits there was a Nazi UFO base in Antarctica.  I didn’t see any definite circular winged aircraft in any of the old video footage however. Just stills and illustrations. The supposed base in Antarctica on Google just looks like a swath were they scanned in higher definition rather than an attempt to cover up something. Further discussion here. See what you think:

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