Navy Seals disciplined for role in Medal of Honor video games

By | November 9, 2012

Navy Seals disciplined for role in Medal of Honor video games


One Navy Seal who took part in the raid on Osama Bin Laden is among seven US special operations soldiers who face punishment for disclosing classified information to a video game maker.

The Seven Navy Seals have been disciplined for their work as paid consultants on the video game Medal of Honor: Warfighter, senior navy officials said.

The seven members of SEAL Team Six, one of whom was involved in the raid which killed Osama bin Laden, spent two days working on the video game this spring and summer.

They have been disciplined for failing to notify their command about the consultation work and for showing the game designers some of the specially designed combat equipment unique to the unit, the Associated Press reported…

I doubt they revealed all of the special combat equipment… such as the OMD (Osama Misidentification Device) or the SKCW (Story Keeps Changing Weapon).

After someone caught on that a photo from Pakistan that was supposed to be the dead Bin Laden was a fake ( link) the White House decided not to release the “real” photos it had… not to mention the video feeds from the soldiers that day.

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