Natural Toothbrush From Japan

By | October 13, 2008

Natural Toothbrush From Japan

This manual toothbrush was invented in Japan and is now available worldwide. It uses special metal inserts in the head to provide extra ionic cleaning power not found in normal toothbrushes and not possible with toothpaste alone. These two dissimilar pieces of metal, copper and magnesium, create a small electrical thermocouple. The saliva in the mouth electrically connects the two metals, completing the connection between the two.

The Proton Toothbrush™ Helps Reduce Dental Plaque

The ion toothbrush’s unique ability to gently remove dental plaque electrically helps reduce this cause of tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. Recent statistics suggest that over 90% of the population is plagued with bad breath due to dental plaque. When dental plaque is reduced, dental decay is curbed.

The Proton Toothbrush™ Helps Brighten Your Teeth

By using the Proton Toothbrush™ everyday, dental plaque is removed and the teeth become cleaner and whiter. Staining materials from food, beverages and smoking are more efficiently removed.

The Proton Toothbrush™ Helps Reduce Gum Disease

With improved blood flow, teeth and gums will be strengthened to prevent gum disease.

The Nitty Gritty Stuff

In 1822, an Estonian physician named Thomas Seebeck inadvertently discovered that the junction between two dissimilar metals will generate a voltage between the metals which depends on the temperature. The Seebeck Effect, which it came to be called, is widely used all over the world because it creates a very small, reliable thermometer.

In remote areas, radio receivers are sometimes powered by semiconductor thermocouples. This is common in Russia and other republics of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The electric potential created by combining precious and base metals in this unique Proton Toothbrush™ helps provide better plaque removal than conventional toothbrushes. The magnesium copper metal combination generates a voltage of 0.8 – 1.8 and an electric current of 2 – 1200 mA in water, in addition to H 3 O 2 – negative ions. Bacteria in the mouth may be sterilized by voltage over 1.3, which creates an electric sterilization effect. This electron activity helps remove dental plaque from areas where conventional toothbrushes cannot reach.

Stains and discoloring can be reduced by the Hydroxyl (H 3 O 2 ) negative ion’s surface-active effect. – protontoothbrush

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