Name-calling Pro-Bush blogger loses web libel case

By | March 24, 2006

Name-calling Pro-Bush blogger loses web libel caseA pro-Bush liar in the UK was ordered to pay the equivalent of $29,900 for doing what right wing Talk Radio hosts do here in the USA every day: fight truth with hate.

“She ( Tracy Williams,) was very pro-Bush. Initially, she called me lard brain and I wasn’t particularly concerned about that. Then she called me a Nazi,” he said. He has also taken action against a second poster, he said, with whom he claimed to have settled for a sum “in the region of 30,000 pounds.”

“They started saying I was on a sex offenders’ list and that people shouldn’t let me near their children,” said Keith-Smith, chairman of the Conservative Democratic Alliance … He resolved to take legal action after the pair accused his wife of being a prostitute. But once his lawyers petitioned the court to find out the identity of Williams, who contributed to the forum under a pseudonym, the abuse got worse.”It’s a matter of principle. I had no proof that anyone who read this took it seriously. I just didn’t see why she should be allowed to get away with it,” he said. Legal experts said the case should be taken as a warning to the millions of people debating contentious issues on message boards, in chatrooms and on their own blogs that the laws of libel applied just as they would if the comments were published in a leaflet or newsletter. – PeopleDaily

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