Naked Pumpkin Head Run

By | November 1, 2006

It was hard to gauge what was more frightening to watch on the Pearl Street Mall on Halloween night – some of the outlandish and ghoulish costumes, or the dozens of naked men and women who took part in the Naked Pumpkin Run as their skin turned either ghostly white or ghastly red in Tuesday night’s frosty temperatures. Still, a crowd outside the Old Chicago restaurant managed to warm the runners with loud cheers and applause.

It helped that many of the streakers sported carved pumpkins on their heads to hide their identities.

Some lost their pumpkin heads. But most managed to keep their orange noggins with one hand while juggling a bag of their clothes brought to put on as soon as the eighth annual run was over.

The first wave of male and female runners, who numbered about 25, braved the cold and exposed their skin on the mall shortly after 10:30 p.m.

A second wave of about 80 runners hooted and hollered with mall crawlers. Rather than make a detour to a nearby alley like the first group, they returned to the mall, where they dodged in and out of pedestrian traffic.

Jazzmin Jenkins, 21, of Boulder, said she had nothing to fear.

“With the pumpkin on the head, it’s anonymous,” Jenkins reasoned. “What could be more gratifying than running around naked?” – rockymts


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