Mystery Surrounds Leavenworth’s Underground City

By | August 13, 2008

Mystery Surrounds Leavenworths Underground City

Some Leavenworth residents have been unknowingly walking around above an underground city, and no one seems to know who created it or why.

Windows, doors and narrow paths beneath a title company at South Fourth and Delaware streets lead to storefronts stretching several city blocks and perhaps beyond.There are also several vaults around town. Some of have them been used for breweries.”They were stores of some type. We just don’t know what they were selling, who was running them,” said Jennifer Lemons, who works at the title company. – kctv5

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  1. Anahit

    Woah. I wonder who made that town… very interesting. I hope you find more information about this in the future. 🙂

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