Poll: Why do you think the pilots missed the airport?

By | October 25, 2009

http://image3.examiner.com/images/blog/EXID18134/images/zNWA_Airbus_A320_in_SAN.jpgMystery remains, but Co-pilot says No sleeping or arguing in cockpit

The co-pilot of a Northwest Airlines flight that overshot the Minneapolis, Minnesota, airport by 150 miles says he and the pilot weren’t asleep and they weren’t arguing.However, Richard I. Cole, who spoke to CNN affiliate KGW-TV from his Salem, Oregon, home, wouldn’t say much more Friday. He said an investigation will reveal what took place.

After repeatedly saying he couldn’t talk about the case, Cole said that contrary to media reports, “Nobody was asleep in the cockpit. No arguments took place.

“But other than that, I cannot tell you anything that went on because we’re having hearings this weekend, we’re having hearings on Tuesday. All that information will come out then.”

Cole said there’s been “a lot of misinformation that’s going on. Things are being said that didn’t happen, but I can’t go into any details.” – CNN (video)

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Anyone have a psychic prediction about what it will turn out to be? What caused these pilots to overshoot the airport by 150 miles?  Here is a poll based on the speculation I’ve seen so far…

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