Mysterious Force Keeps Cars from Starting in one Area

By | August 14, 2006

Mysterious Force Keeps Cars from Starting in one AreaThey have car immobilisers in the UK?

It’s a mystery that would be well at home in the Twilight Zone or the X-Files ? and it’s leaving residents baffled. Motorists leaving their vehicles on a 50-yard stretch of road have returned to find their cars won’t start.

Residents of Percy Road, Gosport, say ‘unknown forces’ are constantly shutting down their car immobilisers and electric starters. But despite putting forward various theories, including new telephone masts, remote broadband installations, and even MoD transmissions, they have been left scratching their heads at what is behind the problem. Wayne Dobson, 38, first discovered the problem when he came home from work, parked up as usual and tried to use his remote immobiliser to lock his V-registered Land Rover Freelander, but got no response.
When he later tried to start the car, he found it was completely dead. However, when he pushed his car a few yards up the road, it started again without complaint. After talking to his neighbours, he discovered they had experienced exactly the same problem. – portsmouth

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