Mysterious Arctic skull raises questions

By | June 3, 2006

Mysterious Arctic skull raises questionsIf this didn’t come from inside the Hollow Earth,? then it may belong to the ancient race known as the Devilisa. They were basically humans with horns, but they were exterminated during an ancient war. We still have the myth of the Devil due to this forgotten historical event.

A mysterious skull discovered on the edge of the Arctic Circle has sparked interest in what creatures roamed Baffin Island in the distant past, and what life a warming climate may support in the future.

Andrew Dialla, a resident of Pangnirtung, Nunavut, says he found the skull protruding from the frozen tundra during a walk near the shore with his daughter about a month ago.

The horned skull is about the size of a man’s fist. It resembles a baby caribou skull, except at that age, a caribou wouldn’t have antlers, researchers and elders have pointed out.

Its discovery has caused a stir in Canada’s Eastern Arctic. Pictures of the skull, sent over e-mail, have prompted residents to speculate whether the skull might belong to a long-extinct deer or sheep that inhabited the land millions of years ago when the climate was much warmer.

Meanwhile, Dialla is considering shipping the skull south to be examined by Richard Harrington, a distinguished retired paleontologist from Ottawa’s Museum of Nature.

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