Myostatin Monsters

By | October 17, 2008

Myostatin is a growth factor that limits muscle tissue growth, i.e. higher concentrations of myostatin in the body may cause the individual to have less developed muscles. The mutation exists where the body does not produce enough or any myostatin. This mutation can be found in Whippet dogs and a breed of cattle know as belgium blues, but that rare genetic defect does not occur only in the whippet breed. In fact, it can and has occurred in other animals, even in humans themselves! – strangewireblog

Here is the same dog from the front.

If you could temporarily turn off all Myostatin in your body and also train and eat over 10,000 calories per day, would you look like this photoshop creation?

But don’t get rid of your Myostatin just yet. If you did, you’d make your tendons dangerously smaller. Bigger muscles, to work correctly, need BIGGER tendons. Getting rid of Myostatin is not a healthy thing to do.

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  1. cain

    could you just turn off 50% of your myostatin and take a ton of calcium or hGH to help your tendons grow

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