Mylow, Scam or secret technology supression?

By | April 22, 2009

Mylow, Scam or secret technology supression?Here is the latest video:

I signed up for the newsgroup and here is the latest email supposedly written to “:

Dear good friend.

The cake is great.  All the ingredients are perfect.  ‘Can’t stop eating. I feel good, and soon the world will know that magnetic force energy is real. No demagnetization of the stator.

The cake keeps turning. They left me alone.  ‘Did talk to me.  No threat at this time. I have seen my device evolve in secret. The time will come soon. Say hi to *** for me.  I didn’t forget you guys.

Stator still gets cold very cold. Government knows all, and they have this technology. I have seen the light.  ‘Can’t talk about it, but they are letting me build my cake.  It’s wonderful.  I will send you a picture of my nice cake soon.

I have been reading a lot about magnetic formulas and magnetic moments in ferril magnetism and spintronics.  They are not so bad after all. I will be setting up a lab soon with all the tools I need to make a better cake for the world.  Thanks for believing in me.  I will never forget Howard and what he has done. Again they want to know how I make such a good cake.  And I have to comply.

I have learned a lot and am very fortunate to have a loving family and good friends like you and ***. All my calls where monitored and my computer as well.  They have Howards and my technology.  Suppression is very real.  They control what is let out to the world.  I know; I’ve seen it.  ‘Can’t talk about it.

Here is the original video:

Some say Sterling is Mylow and that there is a record player under the device turning it at 33 1/3rd RPM.  Sterling’s voice sounds similar to Mylow’s, but the accent is different. This video is on a glass table, but mylow still doesn’t show all the way around the device while it is operating. Frustrating.

I could replicate this by sliding a running record turntable with magnets on it under the glass table out of view of the camera and that would cause the device to start spinning.

Videos of other attempts make it look like mylow might have hit something…

I highly doubt it. Someone would have replicated the continuous motion by now and posted a video if mylow’s design worked.

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  1. Xeno Post author

    The tonal quality of the two voices is similar, other than the accent. The latest claims are that the device may only work on “ley lines”. On wikipedia:

    “UFOs travel along ley lines (in the way that one might observe that cars use roads and highways). This belief postulates that points on lines have electrical or magnetic forces associated with them.”

    Interesting. UFOs may be government technology using a similar power source … but the thing is, there is no verifiable evidence for “ley lines”, and there is no solid evidence that mylow’s device is not a scam…yet.

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