Music can be Stereo on YouTube? Yup.

By | September 19, 2008

Music can be Stereo on YouTube YupHere is what seems to be the opening sequence to a UFO TV show I’ve never heard of.

One thought on “Music can be Stereo on YouTube? Yup.

  1. dogsounds

    Hell, yeah! “UFO” was a classic British sci-fi series in the 70’s (it was a Gerry Anderson production).

    HOWEVER – I should point out that the music on this film is utter bollocks – that’s not the original theme tune, it’s somebody’s modern midi card version. Here’s the original:

    As you can tell, THAT music is much more Gerry Andersona, more of the time, and just generall nothing like the nonsense on your film. If I remember correctly, it was Anderson’s first live-action series, I think after Captain Scarlet, and before Space: 1999. I have no idea if it ever aired in the States.

    Ah, the memories!

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