Muscle Testing Training Course | Applied Kinesiology

By | July 11, 2012

Muscle Testing Training Course | Applied KinesiologyI’m getting interested in how useful it might be to quickly access your body’s subconscious beliefs… recognizing, of course, that subconscious beliefs can be just as wrong as conscious views.

… Modern science has validated this mind body link and muscle testing has a wide spectrum of use. This training course introduces students to the theory, methodology and hands-on techniques that enables them to apply it in their own life, practice or related endeavor.

  • Which foods agree with my body?
  • Will those herbs help me?
  • Will this food strengthen me?
  • Is this the right choice for me?
  • Endless possibilities!

Muscle testing by-passes conscious thought which enables it to directly access the brain. The unconscious or sub-conscious brain is active 24 hours a day, does not judge as it accepts and processes what is, in real time. Muscle testing taps into this powerful source.

This course was developed by our Holistic Health Practitionerbased on a body of education and knowledge and practice experience spanning 20 years. As a trainer, students have access to a massive body of related knowledge and real examples.

Muscle testing accesses the worlds most powerful computer … the human mind

Muscle testing techniques are fast becoming a main-stream modality for determining all manner of circumstance. By accessing the body’s own computer, the brain and its circuits of interaction with organs, muscles and diverse body tissues, muscle testing can determine or test for the internal integrity and balance of the body and mind entity….

This seems like much faster access to the subconscious than hypnosis… With just as much potential for misuse if you wrongly believe the subconscious mind always knows the truth. As with hypnosis, answers are easily invented through suggestion if administered naively.

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