Mummy was a daddy, says expert

By | September 4, 2008

Tutankhamen is the most important figure in Egyptology and the treasures that were unearthed have captivated the world, drawing millions to the Valley of the Kings.

But what is less well known is that, when explorer Howard Carter discovered his virtually intact burial chamber in Luxor in 1922, he also found two foetuses.

Egyptologists have long debated whether these mummies were the stillborn children of the teenage Pharaoh and his wife Ankhesenamun. Or if they were placed in the tomb as an offering to help the boy king’s passage into the afterlife.

As experts wait on the results of DNA paternity tests being carried out in Cairo, the Pharmacy and Medicine in Ancient Egypt Conference at the University of Manchester has been told that they were probably Tutankhamen’s twin offspring. – bbc

Alien? What alien? I only see a mummy.

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