Multiple Personalities with different eyesight?

By | August 3, 2012

Multiple Personalities with different eyesight?

… One of the most baffling mysteries of multiple personality disorder is how alternate personalities can sometimes show very different biological characteristics from the host and from each other. Several personalities sharing one body may have different heart rates, blood pressures, body temperatures, pain tolerances, and eyesight abilities. Different alters may have unique reactions to medications. Sometimes a healthy host can have alternate personalities with allergies and even asthma. An alter’s blood glucose (sugar) may respond differently to insulin than the host’s. Since studies done on people with such dramatically different alters have been small, no conclusions can be drawn and the puzzle remains to be solved.

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That the same person could have verifiably different eyesight under different personalities is something I have a hard time believing. Anyone have a reference for this claim?

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  1. Fred Killer

    There’s no mystery. The body is just a vehicle for the mind/spirit/soul to experience this density of what we call physical reality.

    David Icke calls the body a genetic spacesuit, since we need to wear our bodies in exactly the same way and for the same reasons.

    If a person has allowed or has been possessed by various spirits or personalities, they will perceive reality differently even through the same sensory organs.

    Right now, your perception of reality may differ from your normal experience. That is, after all, why you went back packing?

    1. Fred Killer

      Just to add, note carefully your energy levels and feeling of being spaced out and much happier when you return to your normal place of work or dwelling.

      It doesn’t normally take long for me to feel low energy again upon a return to work from a break, especially out walking in nature. I really should do it more often, for a recharge.

      Have a great time and make sure to watch the skies too!

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