Movie Review: 2010

By | November 23, 2009

I liked the special effects, but the space ships were not what I expected. 😉

You know that part of your body that they say doesn’t really know the difference between a movie and the real thing? Well, wherever that is, mine is depressed tonight after experiencing the near destruction of humanity.

Even just seeing the main characters seconds from death for so long and so many times was a bit numbing.  It left me with questions. I always thought, when the end comes, that we’d at least get to learn the truth about some mysteries… and perhaps the government would reveal some secret technologies, for example. That did not happen in this epic Earth destruction drama.  I kept hoping to hear that we had a secret base on the moon or Mars.

Definitely a rush and it makes you feel like part of a species rather than being part of a country.

I did enjoy Woody Harrelson’s crazy character because I’ve had that fantasy of blogging the apocalypse. “You heard it here first!” Boom!

THE film ”2010” is a perfectly adequate though not really comparable – sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s witty, mind- bending science-fiction classic, ”2001: A Space Odyssey.” That film, a dazzling invention, was as much about the prepackaged, Musak-orchestrated, flash-frozen consumer society of 1968, and about our primordial past, as it was about our dreams of the future.

The new film was written and directed by Peter Hyams, who was also his own director of photography, and is based on a novel by that guru of sci- fi literature, Arthur C. Clarke, whose original story was the basis of the Kubrick film. Unlike most sequels, this one avoids the tacky, but it never quite escapes the manner of something made by clever copyists who, working in Taiwan or Korea, do their work well and efficiently though without the excitement of truly original inspiration and lunatic risk. – nytimes

Writer/director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, 10,000 BC, The Day After Tomorrow)is back with what is easily his most visual, action backed, destructive movie to date. Calamity films in the past have focused on certain regions of our Earth or the suspenseful buildup of possible doom from meteors or aliens. But Emmerich tops them all by destroying the entire planet in full on, green screen fashion. – bloggernews

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