Mount Pleasant ‘Chupacabra’ is a Gray Fox, a Very Strange One

By | August 29, 2006

Mount Pleasant Chupacabra is a Gray Fox a Very Strange One

By Prentiss Findlay. “… Mount Pleasant has been abuzz in recent weeks with talk of a mysterious creature roaming the woods that was so friendly it played with cats, yet so weird-looking it left those who witnessed it feeling unsettled.

Since the Mount Pleasant sightings became public, the critter has been reported bounding through the woods in Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley counties. Some said it had sinister eyes. Others said it moved in a magical flash from one spot to another.

It’s been described as any number of odd crossbreeds including a dog and a deer or a fox and a weasel. One reader speculated that it was el chupacabra, the mythical creature said to suck the blood from goats…. “It’s unequivocally a gray fox,” said Jaap Hillenius, a biology professor at the College of Charleston.

But it’s not just any gray fox. No, this gray fox, delivered frozen from Mount Pleasant to the college, is an odd-looking critter. For one thing, it doesn’t have all the hair it’s supposed to. And the woman who found it dead in the road, Ann Concannon, said the proportions don’t look right to her.

But for now, Hillenius said that’s exactly what he’s got in his lab. A gray fox, albeit an odd-looking one. Hillenius said he is exploring a cause for the animal’s strange appearance. Is it mange? A bacterial infection? A virus? Could it be related to global warming?

“It may just be a wild goose chase,” he said. – MORE

2 thoughts on “Mount Pleasant ‘Chupacabra’ is a Gray Fox, a Very Strange One

  1. Chuck

    I found this article after having a strange experience. I was outside the house in a woodsy residential section of Nashville TN and what I believe to be a fox trotted by me. It was a bit different than ones I have found on the internet, but assuredly a fox. The odd thing was the hair. It was longish and very frayed. Like it was missing 50 percent of it’s hair. Not in clusters though. Very evenly sparse. Really a strange sight. He spotted me going by and stopped for about 4 seconds, staring at me as I did him. then he trotted off and made an odd “leap” kind of like a rabbit or cat would. I guess a “bound” would describe it. An odd experience to say the least. Long legs, average body if not a bit skinny. Long neck, tail, and “nose”. I see there are various body shapes of these critters, but the hair was really strange. Longer than it should be, and very evenly sparse. Did not “act” rabid.

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