Mount Merapi: Thousands flee as volcano spews gas, lava

By | June 7, 2006

Mount Merapi Thousands flee as volcano spews gas lavaInteresting. How often does more than one volcano erupt at the same time?

Hot gas and molten lava streamed down Mount Merapi’s slopes forcing the evacuation of 3,000 people Wednesday, amid warnings that a large eruption at Indonesia’s most dangerous volcano was still possible.

“It has the potential to spew bigger hot clouds,” said Subandriyo, a vulcanologist monitoring Merapi’s peak, after scorching ash and debris shot three kilometers (1.8 miles) down the mountain’s flank on nine separate occasions.

The volcano’s lava dome has swelled in recent weeks, raising concerns that it could suddenly collapse and send scalding clouds of fast-moving gas, lava and rocks into populated areas.

Some scientists say a powerful May 27 earthquake that killed more than 5,700 people in area just 40 kilometers (25 miles) south of Merapi may have contributed to the increased activity at the volcano. – cnn

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