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MORE strange lights have been seen floating over Saltcoats on Sunday night and it is thought that they also appeared in Kilmarnock last weekend.

The Herald has been inundated with phone calls about the four strange lights spotted on Sunday, April 27 and now another Saltcoats man has told the Herald that he spotted them again on Sunday night.

Tony McLernon, 19, was in his home on Rosa Place when he noticed the lights floating in the sky above, he said: “I only saw one of them at first. It was a big orange light that was moving side to side. It then suddenly shot off and went behind my house. I ran inside and looked out my bedroom window, in the direction it went. This one light had now joined two others and was moving in a strange way. After a couple of minutes they shot up into the sky and disappeared. They looked just like the lights pictured in the Herald last week.

When asked what he thought the strange objects were he said: “To be honest I don’t really believe in wee green men but when I saw these lights flying around Saltcoats I don’t really know what to believe.

“They were nothing like Chinese lanterns, which you mentioned last week as I went and googled it to see what they did and the way this one light moved, well it was like something was controlling it.”

Two separate witnesses have also sighted the mysterious lights in Kilmarnock, last weekend.

On Saturday, May 3 around 10.40pm a 32-year-old woman, who wishes to remain anonymous noticed a bright light floating behind her home, she said: “I got a bit of a fright when I saw them because at first I just thought it was a plane or helicopter. But when I went out into the garden, it wasn’t making a sound and was closer than I realised.

“It was orange and yellow in colour and wasn’t that high of the ground. It was like the middle of it was a ball of fire. It is just so strange, I have never experienced anything like it before.”

Another witness spotted the same bright, orange light the night before and was floating in the skies over the New Farm Loch junction on the M77.

Mark Roberts of the Scottish Ufological Research Association (SURA) told the Herald: “At approximately 10pm a reliable witness reported to have seen a luminous white light flying from East to West either across the top or just behind of Kilmarnock.

“The witness was driving from Ayr to Kilmarnock via the motorway and cut off at New Farm Loch junction and drove along the back road towards Galston to try and get closer to the object.

“The object suddenly disappeared and was not to be seen. The sighting lasted for around one or two minutes. There is unfortunately no photo or video due to the fact the witness was driving.”

To try and get to the bottom of these unexplained innocents the Herald got in touch with several experts in the field of UFOs.

Nick Pope, who used to run the British Government’s UFO project and is now one of the leading experts in the unexplained, exclusively told the Herald: “It’s difficult to be certain, but this looks like it could be another sighting involving so-called Chinese Lanterns.

“These are increasingly popular in the UK and are used at weddings, parties and indeed in some deliberate attempts to generate reports of UFOs. They are often let off in groups and then appear to drift in the wind.

“If the

witnesses describe a different movement I’d have to think again, but Chinese Lanterns have been responsible for an increasing number of UFO sightings in the last year or two”

The sightings have also been viewed and discussed across the natation and one UFO enthusiast from Germany contacted us to explain the bizarre sightings, Werner Walter said: “Your actual UFO sighting is very ordinary here in Germany. Since 12 months ago we have been getting the exact same reports at the weekends in our UFO-Center from all across the nation. To date about 600 times. It is always the same thing- relatively cheap Asian Skylanterns. When they are seen in the night sky it can look like a scene from Spielberg’s Close Encounter.

“We have also done our own experiments with these Skylanterns and found that they spark calls of UFOs across the country and I believe what you have seen could be the same.”

However, the Herald is not satisfied with this explanation and will be testing this theory for ourselves later on in the week. Check out the website,, for our video footage of the Chinese lanterns and see if you agree. Also see Werner Walter’s experiments through our site. – ad


  1. Isis Seed of David

    I know it’s comfortable and cozy inside the box … but like a many of those TV movies where the plane is going down and all the passengers are big eyed and screaming, ‘ the pilot is dead!! the pilot is dead !! … and then some brave person drags the dead body out of pilot’s seat and picks up the plane’s mike …. And the people on the other end gives this brave person a very quick lesson in landing in hopes the plane can be brought down with as less causalities as possible …..
    Well I want you to fly with me a minute OUTSIDE THE BOX …. I got the mike in my hand and I’m sitting in the pilot’s seat …. The people of this Planet are headed for a crash land awakening …. And the way it looks not many actually want to wake up …. well I’ve got the mike … and I’m telling all the passengers of this planet ….
    There is a frequency Veil which sort of divides this reality we see everyday, from a more and advance technology reality referred to as the world of celestials … they are well aware of us, and their lives are secretly entwined with this our earthen side of the veil ….
    Many are doctors, lawyers, business owners, and governing officials …. Now don’t get your undies in a bite …… it was allowed this way for the betterment of humanity’s overall growth ….
    But the veil which was allowed was altered some eons ago by a foreign celestial colony who through trickery and deceit, infiltrated the already in place high governing celestials of States and Countries …. Certain records refer to these foreign celestial as the colony of Satan …..
    Now don’t worry … I wouldn’t be allowed to tell you these things if it wasn’t time for you to know …. And it’s because their satellite which sustains this ill gotten frequency veil is now nearing a complete meltdown …that those flying crafts linked to the failing satellite facility, and those once hidden by the veil, all will become temporarily visible … some will remain visible, some will fade out of harmony and out of view…
    The difference between the original satellite positioned in power in Earth’s upper heavens, were that the original satellite in power functioned as a Positive to negative to Positive source of Energy, and the unorthodox satellite is sustained of a negative to positive to negative power facility …. the rightful celestials were of a Positive Christ-light Satellite known as a Christ Light Star ….. the rightful celestials were referred to as Saints …. And the wicked celestials which had governed in full control for so very long, are perpetrators of the Good White Light ……
    Now I’ll take you back inside the box ….. But I just want you to know, compared to what’s outside the box ……. there ‘AIN’T JACK’ …. in the box.
    Be safe, be well, be aware

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