Monkey-suited man arrested

By | August 27, 2009


Monkey-suited 2Police in Australia said they arrested a man who refused to give his name while dressed as a monkey in a shopping center.

Perth police said Brenton Green, 21, was spotted by two officers Sunday afternoon hugging shoppers, posing for photos and dancing for the crowd, PerthNow reported Tuesday.

The officers said they asked the costumed performer his name and he responded by shaking his head and making “squeaking noises.” They said they asked him a second time and he responded: “Monkey.”

The officers arrested Green and charged him with failing to comply with a police request. He was released on bail on the condition that he not return to the city, but then he was arrested on his way to the train station by the same officer who had initially arrested him, who said Green violated the conditions of his bail.

Green spent Sunday night in the East Perth jail and appeared before a magistrate Monday. He was released with a spent conviction, a three-month community release order and ordered to pay $60 in court costs.

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What do you think? Does jail and a fine for not saying your name when commanded by an officer of the law make sense?

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