Mona Lisa’s Voice Re-Created by Scientist

By | June 3, 2006

You have to use Internet Explorer to hear it, but this site is pretty neat. IE crashed, but hey, at least I got to hear what the Mona Lisa sounded like if she were to speak.

Mona 2A Japanese scientist, who also happens to be the creator of the BowLingual, a dog-human translator…, has managed to only re-create the voice of the Mona Lisa herself, but da Vinci as well.

… The way it works is that measurements are taken (in this case, determined via a photo of the painting) of the face as well as the subject?s height and hands. The skull is recreated and then the data is run through a program which determines the person?s vocal pitch. A similar method was used to determine da Vinci?s voice.

You can click the buttons beneath the portraits on this site to hear their voices. ” – realtech

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