Missing Mauldin Man Found Alive

By | July 27, 2006

Missing Mauldin Man Found AliveProbably just a simple alien abduction… or he’s lying?

21 year-old Alex Gibbs says it’s good to be home. The Mauldin resident was last seen by his family Saturday night when he went out to run some errands. Gibbs says the last thing he remembers was parking his car at Barnes and Noble on Haywood Road Saturday.? Days later he says he woke up 132 miles away in Doraville Georgia. Confused?? He says so is he. His face was plastered on hundreds of fliers that plastered Greenville starting Sunday.

“I woke up and I was laying down in the woods and my head hurt really bad and my foot hurt really bad,” Gibbs said.? Then he says he walked out to a police station in the Atlanta suburb.? His truck was gone.? So was his memory.”I don’t remember anything other than driving to Barnes and Noble,” where he said time stopped until three days later.”I had a swim meet that feels like today. And I was supposed to go to Europe on Monday. That feels like tomorrow.”

… Mauldin Police say they’re closing their missing persons case because Alex is home.? They are now trying to decide whether to turn the case over to Greenville for the carjacking Alex says took place. Doctors at an Atlanta hospital where Alex was treated Tuesday night say he’s suffering from Global Amnesia. We did some checking and found causes of the condition can be emotional stress or even driving in a car. Because Alex doesn’t have an apparent injuries, the doctors say he will need more tests. – wspa

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