Michael Jackson Murdered?

By | July 15, 2009

Perhaps the drug company will one day take the blame for so many senseless deaths… or was it foul play?

Michael 2According to the celebrity gossip website, which broke the news of Jackson‘s death last month, law enforcement sources have said that they are focusing their investigation on Jackson‘s personal physician, Conrad Murray.

Sources have said that there is “plenty of powerful evidence” that Murray administered the anaesthesia Propofol to Jackson, which may have been the primary cause of the pop star’s death. He also reportedly administered the drug Diprivan to Jackson, and was with him when he died.

The exact cause of Jackson‘s death is expected to be announced later this week after toxicology tests are completed.

Meanwhile, TMZ also reported that the LAPD has had “multiple conversations” with the LA County District Attorney‘s office on the matter, but a case has not been formally put forth.

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2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Murdered?

  1. Diana

    I believe Hired Dr. Murray to give Michael Jackson an overdose and kill him in order to gain controll of Michael’s estate and Publishing including Michael’s songs, and The Beatles catalog which John Branca helped Michael Jackson purchase.
    Here’s why I believe what I do.
    Quote from Dileo in 1988 after being fired by Michael Jackson
    “I have a strong belief in what comes around goes around. It’s called Karma, and I hope Michael understands what that means. If he doesn’t now, one day he will.”
    I also think it was Dileo who manipulated Michael into feeling he needed Doctor murray around. the bit about Michael telling the AEG guy about his body being like a machine sounds like a line Dileo probably used in convincing Michael he should have this doctor around.
    here’s another Quote from Dileo-
    “You can’t justask Michael straight out to do something,” “Michael needs to be stroked. His ego needs to be massaged thoroughly before he’ll do anything.”
    John Branca tried to convince Michael Jackson to share equity in his publishing in 1990. Michael fired him shortly aftarward, but mysteriously, he pops up apparently hired back a week before Michael Jackson died, and shows up two days after his with a will naming him as an executor of the estate which now puts him in controll of not only Michael’s publishing, but the beatles catalog Branca helped Michael purchase. oh yeah, I can tell you who had a copy of the Pepsi fire and probably relesed it to US weekly…Branca’s people swiped the tape in the midst of the confusion in 1984 when it happened. They’re promoting the of Michael Jackson in order to sell records. it’s sick. the fans are basically giving money to the people that killed their idol.

  2. mercedes

    In every case it is investigation 101…follow the money trail.
    Unless it is a crime of passion, which I hardly think this one is.

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