Foo fighters back? Attacking civilian jets? Mexico: Airliner Crew Reports a UFO

By | June 10, 2009

Foo fighters back Attacking civilian jets Mexico Airliner Crew Reports a UFO

Image: in a Concorde flight inaugural in 1969 was filmed with a light that danced around, similar to the Foo of ’40


Aviation technician Alfonso Salazar reports that on Saturday, June 2009 at 16:10 hours, the crew of a Fokker 110 (Click de Mexicana) reported “spherical traffic” which, according to eyewitnesses was a shining sphere resembling burnished platinum and reflecting the sun’s rays.”

The Fokker 100 was flying at an approximate altitude of 10,000 meters on the Juliet 21 air corridor. The unknown object, measuring some 10 meters in diameter), crossed the airliner’s path and was seen at it’s 8 o’clock position (lower left).

This sighting was recorded over the southern area of Cerro de la Estrella (to the east of Mexico City). Weather conditions were clear, sunny and cloudless. The crew calculated that the UFO was at an altitude of 8000 meters.

For some time now, encounters between these flying objects and airliners have increased, as they arrive or take off from the Mexican capital’s airport.

via Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Mexico: Airliner Crew Reports a UFO.

I hope giant foo fighters that disorient instruments and crew are not going to start attacking civilian jets.

I like to imagine that we are co-existing on this planet with some group of technologically advanced individuals. In the simplest version, they are Nazi exiles that evaded capture after the war. Going out further they could be a human race that split from us during evolution, or… if you go all the way out … aliens. It seem that we get into squabbles with them from time to time and there are shows of force.

Another recent incident:

An Airbus A320 experienced engine trouble shortly after taking off Wednesday from the Canary Islands and was forced to immediately turn around and make an emergency landing, Spain’s national airport authority AENA said.  The Spanish Iberworld airliner was headed from Las Palmas on the island of Gran Canaria to Oslo, Norway, AENA spokeswoman Karen Martel said from the island.  No one was hurt and the plane was in the air about 10 minutes, she told The Associated Press.  Martel denied news reports that one of the plane’s engines had caught fire, saying only it had undisclosed trouble. – cbsnews

Here is another

HOUSTON, June 3 (UPI) — Police in Liberty County, Texas, say they are working with the FBI and the Federal Aviation Administration in a review of an alleged UFO sighting. Ken DeFoor, Liberty County Sheriff’s Department chief deputy, told The Houston Chronicle Tuesday an ExpressJet Airlines pilot claimed to have seen on object flying near Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport.”The FAA is in the process of debriefing the pilot today (Tuesday),” DeFoor said. “We are going to try and come up with a more definite track of this object and its path. We are trying to find out where it came from, where it went, and who may be responsible for it.”

“No people were injured and no evasive action on part of the airplane was taken,” DeFoor added regarding the Continental Express jet the pilot was operating at the time of last Friday’s sighting. The pilot, whose identity was not reported, said the object appeared to possibly be a missile or rocket. DeFoor told the Chronicle authorities were investigating the possibility the unknown object may have been launched from the ground. – upi

Was the “rocket” round?

A search by law officers in Southeast Texas found no evidence of an object reported flying about 150 feet beneath a Continental Express plane.Liberty County Sheriff’s Department Cpl. Hugh Bishop says the pilot noted the coordinates. Bishop says deputies sought a possible launch or landing site, but “couldn’t find anything.”
ExpressJet Airlines, which operates as Continental Express, did not immediately return a call to The Associated Press for comment late Tuesday.

A pilot advised the Federal Aviation Administration that an object, possibly a missile or a rocket, passed near the plane Friday night. The plane was flying at about 13,000 feet along the southern edge of Liberty County, about 30 miles east-northeast of Houston.

Bishop had told FOX 26 the FAA plans to debrief the pilot to get a better description of the object he said. Meanwhile, officials were searching for the object itself to track who is responsible for it.

The FAA did not immediately return a call for comment. – myfox

2 thoughts on “Foo fighters back? Attacking civilian jets? Mexico: Airliner Crew Reports a UFO

  1. Ann

    The only thing you need to worry about between UFOs and their occupants and humans is the human response.

    UFOs apparently have been observed for a long time. It would seem, if they wanted to harm us, they would have done so by now. But, there have been so few reports of harm, other than some abduction cases – I got some doubts about the authenticity of those events.

    A lot is at sake if contact should be made and a sort of interaction would ensue between space aliens and humans. U.S. dominance with its about 1000 military bases throughout the world may be contested. After all, space aliens obviously have superior technology to ours. If an out-of-this-earth culture, society would want to participate in worldly, earthly affairs, what would it mean for the established controlling powers already in place. The U.S. doesn’t necessarily listen to the U.N. very closely, at least it has not done so. The U.S. kind of does what it wants to do. What would it mean to the status quo and those who like the way things are right now? They may feel threatened.

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