Mexican midget wrestlers arrest

By | July 23, 2009

Mexican midget wrestlers arrest

A woman has been arrested in Mexico over the deaths of two midget wrestlers – twin brothers – discovered in a hotel room last month.

Prosecutors allege she was one of two women who spiked the wrestlers’ drinks with eye-drops as part of a robbery.

The 65-year-old woman denies the charges. The police said they were searching for her alleged accomplice, known as “The Fat One”.

The wrestlers were part of the popular Lucha Mini wrestling circuit.

The brothers, Alejandro and Alberto Perez Jimenez, 35, fought under the names El Espectrito II (“The Little Ghost”) and La Parkita (“Little Death”). Many professional Mexican wrestlers wear masks as part of their adopted characters.

‘Big dose’

Prosecutors say the suspect met the two wrestlers in the centre of Mexico City and agreed to go back with them to their hotel room.

There, it is alleged, she and her friend put eye-drops into the brothers’ alcoholic drinks.

Surveillance cameras showed the two women leaving the hotel. The suspect held by police was allegedly traced through calls made on one of the wrestlers’ mobile phones.

The prosecutors say female gangs have been drugging men to rob them. The suspect and her accomplice, they allege, failed to take into account the wrestlers’ small stature, and gave them too big a dose.

She admits meeting the wrestlers but denies drugging or killing them, telling prosecutors she stayed in their hotel room for just 20 minutes.

via BBC NEWS | Americas | Mexican midget wrestlers arrest.

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