Meteor “the size of car” in Bay Area on October 17, 2012, 7:58 pm

By | October 18, 2012


A bright fireball, reportedly with hues of red and orange, streaked across the night sky visible from San Francisco’s Bay Area on Wednesday, October 18, around 8 p.m. local time (3UTC on October 18). Many say they heard a boom, which was so loud it “shook their homes,” some residents said, making them think it may be an earthquake.

If you observed it, you might want to tell someone what you saw. Here’s a place to report your meteor sighting.

The video [here] is raw footage from the security camera at Lick Observatory, located in the hills above San Jose, California. Camera is a little out of focus. Round structure to the left is the 40-inch Nickel refracting telescope dome. Lights in the background are the San Jose cityscape. Video posted to YouTube by Erik Kovacs.

Screen grab from Google maps (not clickable) of area where October 17, 2012 meteorite might have fallen. One expert said it might have come down in the hills north of Martinez, California. If so, he said, hikers might be able to find pieces of the meteorite.

Jonathan Braidman, astronomy instructor at Oakland’s Chabot Space and Science Center, told that the meteor may have been “roughly the size of a car when it broke up over the Bay Area.” He said hikers might be able to find small pieces of the meteorite in the hills north of Martinez, California.

This was the one that the Mayans thought would destroy the earth, but it shrank over time and this piece is all that was left. 😉

My fiancé, saw it while gardening in the bay area last night and described it as seeming to be a firework from somewhere nearby.

Here is a transcript of what she told me last night:

7:58 pm “hey, I just saw a UFO… I was at the garden and I was on the phone and I was watering my nettles and I saw this flash, it was kind of a light blueish flash, and I looked over my shoulder and up in the sky there was a flash of light traveling horizontally, not vertically, and it looked like it had a tail, like a comet and it looked like a firework, kind of, but it was moving horizontally and it was burning out, it was definitely burning, and then it disappeared. Across the sky it traveled two hands. It looked kind of like a sparkler. It was pretty low and pretty close, it seems like it wasn’t very far from me. I was looking west over the bay.”

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