Men the unfaithful sex? Study: WOMEN biggest cheats, just better liars

By | September 4, 2009

Secret affair: Ryan O'Neal knew nothing of partner Farrah Fawcett's alleged infidelityAre men or women more likely to cheat? While men have always had a worse reputation for being unfaithful, recent studies show that women are catching up fast – but we are a lot more likely to lie about it, and a lot less likely to get caught.

Simply put, it seems that women are better at having affairs than men.

The news that Farrah Fawcett had a secret affair for 11 years without telling a soul is a classic example of the way a woman cheats: discreetly, in secret, and while carrying on with the rest of her life as normal. …

Biologically, too, women are programmed to be more careful about revealing an infidelity.

In purely evolutionary terms, men are programmed to sleep with lots of women, and women are programmed to attract and retain a quality mate.

Dr Holmes adds: ‘She will be very canny and keep her options open until she decides which of the men she is going to choose.’ Another reason women lie more about their affairs is simply that they can get away with it.

Historically, a man has put a higher value on the fidelity of his woman because he needs to be sure that any children she has are really his. This seems to produce a strange kind of emotional blindness in many men, once they’ve selected a partner to settle down with.

‘Whenever we question men about fidelity,’ says Dr Holmes, ‘they will very often admit to their affairs.

‘But if you then ask the same men if they think their wives or girlfriends have had affairs, too, they will be shocked at the very thought, or laugh and call it ridiculous.’ In other words, men want to think women don’t cheat, and women want men to think they don’t cheat. No wonder we’re better at secret affairs.

via Think men are the unfaithful sex? A study shows WOMEN are the biggest cheats – they’re just better at lying about it | Mail Online.

I’m not saying it is wrong, but this seems like a pretty big generalization. What about cultural differences?

4 thoughts on “Men the unfaithful sex? Study: WOMEN biggest cheats, just better liars

  1. Run

    Hi. Im a student and I making a work about this study. Where can I find the references of this study?

  2. Hector G.. Surazeza

    First, let me tell you a – True Story! I know a man who has a great job and makes lots of money. He has a good sense of humor, is very good looking, is around 6 feet tall and has a strong looking build. He is very confident in himself. Always has a nice car and money to throw around. Likes to go out to dances and party some. He has the gift of gab and is very jovial. He is a jack of all trades. He was married. This man has broke up 3 marriages (4 if you count his own)in a fairly small town. Actually, he has slept with an unknown number of married women. Three of four married women got caught. He left his wife for one of the married women he cheated with. They moved away and I’m sure he is still at it. A co-worker (women) told me something else about him. She said “I know another wife he jumped in the hay with him. I know because she told me. At first I thought she might feel guilty, but she giggled and made some stupid comments. I couldn’t believe it. Don’t you dare tell anyone. I’m not talking about it again.” Another broken marriage was his own. This man cheated with 4 married women that we know of and ruined people’s lives. Three of them got caught. One of the wives was caught by two of her three children. Another caught by her husband’s sister and her friend. They saw the guy’s car in the driveway and hubby was working. The third was caught on the coach by her mother-in-law and a young girl. One wasn’t caught and hasn’t come clean. Two husbands packed up and left. Here we have four married women. So what does this tell us about – married women? He couldn’t have done it with any of them, had they just said – No! I believe the true number of cheating women would shock us. I bet it is 75%, or maybe even higher?

    OK, what I get from this article is (1.) It is ok to cheat on one’s partner. Just tell lies and get away with it. (2.) Just keep your mouth shut about it. If you do you’ll be – Psychologically Sophisticated?


    Cheaters “if” (and that is a big if) they get caught they always say crap like – I didn’t mean to hurt you which translates to – You wasn’t supposed to know / I wasn’t supposed to get caught. It isn’t what you think means – I got caught doing it, but I’m not guilty of it. I made a mistake. It wasn’t a mistake. Cheaters know the difference between right and wrong. They know what they are are doing, before they do it. They conveniently” forget they are married, when they want to jump in bed with someone else. I agree that women cheat more and I don’t doubt women are better liars. Cheaters are not just dishonest, they are mean, ruthless, thoughtless, selfish – Cowards! I think the old words used to describe cheaters works just fine!

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