McKinney: DoD shot 5,000 prisoners & dumped them in a swamp during Katrina

By | October 2, 2008

McKinney DoD shot 5000 prisoners  dumped them in a swamp during Katrina

… If you think that this is the kind of insanity one normally hears from Alex Jones, well … you’d be right. … let’s skip past the extremely weak sourcing McKinney uses to make her charges and go right to some obvious points.  Wouldn’t the families of these 5,000 prisoners wonder what happened to them?  And which prisoners, specifically, have not been accounted for?

Those in Gitmo? Bush’s secret prisons?

… McKinney is a former member of Congress and a candidate for President on a party that wants to claim national legitimacy.   … – hotair

Perhaps there is some mis-communication and they just killed five people from the Thousand Good Nights Louisiana Jazz Band?

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