McCain’s Running Mate, Sarah Palin’s husband: BP Oil Connection

By | August 30, 2008

McCains Running Mate Sarah Palins husband BP Oil Connection

Did you know Sarah Palin’s husband works for BP offshore oil co who has been trying to increase taxes on oil?

What a conflict of interest. I am so friggin sick of Republicans who do nothing but raise oil prices. First the Bush and Cheney oil clan, Condaleeza used to be an executive at Shell, and now the VP is a little devil in disguise, whose husband has been giving the green light to do offshore oil drilling in Northern Alaska and who has helped contribute to the rise in oil prices. I guess it really is true that gas will go to $7/gallon with Republicans in office. Wake up! Don’t let the economy take a further dive, not that I like Obama, but I don’t want to be robbed further by these oil theives either who are driving record inflation.

… Todd Palin, who took college courses, but does not have a degree, said he is grateful for the training he received from the multinational oil company BP starting in 1989.

Until recently, he earned hourly wages as a production operator in a BP-run facility that separates oil from gas and water. Palin was making between $100,000 and $120,000 a year before he went on leave in December to make more time for his family and avoid potential conflicts of interest. London-based BP is heavily involved in the gas pipeline negotiations with his wife’s administration. – yahooanswers

2 thoughts on “McCain’s Running Mate, Sarah Palin’s husband: BP Oil Connection

  1. Ann

    “Just cause anyone now works for an oil firm or a big Corporation does not make him a crook. Or does it?” God! Which Corporation is your mother? Of course not! It’s the entity of the corporation itself that’s the problem, that manipulates … everything! I hope I don’t have to go into economic and political details in our current post-Reagan era.

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