McCain and Obama, Reptilian Aliens

By | July 2, 2008

This photo was right before they kiss and speak in lizard language agreeing that the Earth will soon be warm enough for their fellow Reptilian Alien brothers to populate the surface and eat us. Obama has, as some of us know, admitted it and there is that totally real an not-faked photo of McCain with his scales showing. If you believe this, write to me and I will send you free protection against reptilian aliens.

Disclaimer: I voted for Obama. I think he is going to be a force for good. My comments are metaphorical. I’d put the odds at 1000 to 1 against there being actual Reptilian Aliens … living inside the Earth … descendants of the dinosaurs … who fly UFOs.  Still, it is helpful to some to think of world leaders and politicians as shape-shifting reptiles.

6 thoughts on “McCain and Obama, Reptilian Aliens

  1. shawn rutley

    since I can remember I have been fighting reptilians in my dreams and day dream at times about them first memory was when I was 4 I have woken up with scratches like a cat clawed me but I have no animals I am going to be 33 in a month and know have more understanding how could I help or learn more how to kill them when the time comes I had always said I have wide shoulders and am here to fight those that prey on the innocence of others thanks for the knowledge and time..

  2. Reggie Van Dam

    HAH! I knew those two neo-con scum were snakes all along!






  3. renz zani

    are jehovah wittness of the reptilain blood, and where is the 100% proof they are. I bought sherry orgone blaster and I was going to do commmerial on it but she never got back with me, lots of terrible things happen to me since I bought it several months ago, I thought it was supose to protect you from the reptilians,

  4. Xeno Post author

    What terrible things Renz? The best defenses against the reptilians are in our heads: love, truth, trust, patience, education. You don’t need objects unless you are physically being attacked by them, which is very very rare. I only know one person who claims to have physically fought a reptilian alien. Usually, you just need the right kind of thinking and you will be protected. In other words, you can close the doors and they aren’t permitted to walk through unless you give them permission. Some bad stuff that happens is just be ordinary bad luck, not reptilian aliens. Some will say they have infiltrated one religion or another. I’ve communicated with Branton over email several times and he wrote an article about reptilian aliens being connected with the Mormons somehow, but that was a long time ago and I don’t recall the details. I don’t think any one religion is connected with them, but it is my personal opinion that the “blind faith” that many religions encourage is a door the reptilians can walk through. When I say trust, I mean trust your senses and logic (unless they are out of whack) and not blind trust in authority. There is a reason the reptilians, if you believe they exist, “shape shift.” They are hiding because they fear themselves. Think about that one. – Xeno

  5. Inzjana

    I think Obama has had enough rubbish thrown his way, don’t you?! Ever since the poor sod decided to run for president, he’s been falsely accused and insulted of so many things it’s unbelievable. I am so tired of racism and any other form of bigotry. David Icke is a publicity hound, he enjoys being in the spotlight and it just goes to show, come up with any rubbish and there is some moron out there that will believe you.

    Instead of blaming Reptilian Aliens for the problems and stupidity of the human race and what you are doing to this beautiful planet; how about you start taking responsibility for your own actions.

  6. Janelle M. Wilson

    The image of John Mc Cain in a reptile form is a fake.

    Here’s why:

    Who ever did this sucks at Photoshop, Paintshop, or whatever program they used.

    I’m not saying Reptillians are not real (had experiances myself), but this is a really shotty attempt at trying to prove reptilians are real, not to mention a shotty piece of artwork.

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