Mass study aims to change the world’s dreams

By | April 11, 2012

…For the past year I have been working with app developers YUZA to develop Dream:ON. The idea is simple. Before you go to bed you decide when you would like to wake up and what type of dream you would like to have (perhaps a stroll in the countryside or relaxing on a sun kissed beach).

You then place the iPhone on your mattress and it monitors your movements 20 minutes before your desired wake up time. When the app detects a lack of movement – which is indicative of you dreaming – it quietly plays a carefully selected soundscape that has been designed to influence your dream (think birds tweeting and waves gently lapping against the shore).

The app then gently wakes you up and prompts you to send in a brief description of your dream. The app also shows you a graph of your sleep levels throughout the night, and includes an intelligent alarm to help ensure you wake up from shallow sleep.

Will it be possible to influence your dreams? If so, can we get people all over the world to enjoy wonderful dreams and wake up feeling happier?

I would love you to take part. Both the app, and soundscapes needed for the experiment are free (it is possible to purchase additional soundscapes if you want). To discover more, and download the app, please visit the project website here.

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