Manfred Huchthausen has the longest proven family tree in the world

By | August 22, 2008

A man’s relatives from 3000 years ago lived in a cave very close to where he now lives. This was determined by comparing local resident’s DNA to DNA extracted from some very well preserved bronze age skulls.

“We wanted to find out whether these genetic patterns were still present in the living population of this area, so we put an advert in the local paper and we asked people to take part in our project – 270 people came forward. We were very surprised that so many wanted to help us.

“The local residents had to give a sample of saliva. We extracted DNA from the saliva and looked for the genetic patterns on the Y chromosome. In the end, we found two men who have a very similar genetic pattern to the prehistoric one, and that genetic pattern is unique,” she added.

The analysis showed that most of the bones were from the same family.

“I saw the advert in the paper and I thought it was an interesting idea,” said Manfred.

“They took a sample of saliva using cotton wool buds, they put it in a plastic tube and then sealed it. The scientists also had their mouths covered to prevent any mixing of the DNA samples,” he said.

“I didn’t expect it at all, to end up being the direct descendant of the cavemen. It’s amazing, especially as on that particular day I had such a dry mouth, I thought the DNA sample wouldn’t work,” he said….

And what about Manfred, does he think he looks like his Bronze Age ancestors?

“I definitely think the shape of the head is similar to the caveman, but after 3,000 years and 120 generations, I’m sure personalities have changed,” Manfred said. …

Manfred Huchthausen is planning to organise a Bronze Age feast and party in his village.

Claiming to have the longest proven family tree in the world, he says he is now determined to find out more about his ancestors. – bbc

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