Man threatened to blow up city with TV remote

By | February 12, 2008

remotes.jpgAustralian police declared a state of emergency after a drunken man threatened to blow up half a city with his TV remote control.Geoffrey Fryatt, 57, who lived in a luxury golf resort in Brisbane, was arrested by paramilitary police after terrifying neighbours by threatening to detonate a store of chemicals with the remote.

“One push of the button will blow up half of Brisbane,” he shouted during a stand off with police. Fryatt’s lawyer told the Brisbane District Court that his client lost control after losing much of his life savings in a fraud, reports the Brisbane Times.

“People are genuinely scared of sudden explosions,” the judge said before sentencing him to a year’s probation. “Frightening members of the public with threats of bombs and bomb hoaxes has a much greater impact than it once did.”

Fryatt was concerned the sentence could interrupt his plans to do humanitarian aid work overseas but the judge told him: “Let’s get you right before we send you off to a third world country.”

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