Man takes the plunge and proposes

By | March 29, 2010

Man 2A Chinese man took his girlfriend to visit an aquarium and then shocked her with a surprise proposal – from inside the tank.

Wang Jian, 28, had been taking diving lessons in secret from girlfriend Xie Wenzhen, 24, for two months, reports Straits News.

He told her they were going to witness a friend propose at the Fuzhou Zuohai Aquarium, in Fuzhou, Fujian province.

“Jian said we should go along to get some tips – then he left me in front of the giant water tank saying he was going to get some drinks,” said Miss Xie.

“Suddenly a boy holding a bunch of flowers appeared in the water, and two other divers behind him opened a scroll, reading: “Please marry me!”.

“I was totally stunned, as I realised that the man in the tank was my boyfriend. I never expected I would be taking such a leading role in the proposal. I’m so happy.”

Miss Xie put her hands to Mr Wang’s and then kissed him through the aquarium glass to signal her acceptance.

via Ananova – Man takes the plunge and proposes.

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