Man survives on frogs

By | April 13, 2006

Man survives on frogs

A CZECH man ate frogs and other small animals for four days after he was trapped on an island cut off by flooding, the daily Pravo reported today. Zdenek Bucek, 30, was taking a short-cut through the woods near the southeastern town of Breclav when a flood wave trapped him on a small patch of high ground.

Mr Bucek was not carrying a mobile phone and the water was too cold to swim through. To survive, he caught frogs and drank the floodwater until he flagged down an emergency crew passing by on a boat four days later.? “I had no idea a flood was coming. I had not even noticed that the forests were declared off limits,” he said. … – NEWS

Some notes:

“Frogs and salamanders are easily found around bodies of fresh water. Frogs seldom move from the safety of the water’s edge. At the first sign of danger, they plunge into the water and bury themselves in the mud and debris. There are few poisonous species of frogs. Avoid any brightly colored frog or one that has a distinct “X” mark on it’s back. Do not confuse toads with frogs. You normally find toads in drier environments. Several species of toads secrete a poisonous substance through their skin as a defense against attack. Therefore, to avoid poisoning, do not handle or eat toads.” – aircav

How to catch them:

“One way is to walk alongside of the stream or pond and drive the frogs into the water.? They will not go far, but make great pretensions of doing so, and kick up the mud so as to deceive and blind you as to their real hiding-place.? A few moments’ waiting, however, will allow the mud to settle, and then, near the shore, you will see a suspicious lump of mud, and you need not doubt that the frog has doubled on his track to mislead you.? It may be that from this lump of mud two bulging eyes appear. At any rate quietly slip your hand in the water, and with a quick motion grasp the lump, and you will have the frog. ” – inqur

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