Man robs station with cheese grater

By | July 13, 2008

An armed robber held up a Hammond gas station and tried holding up a bar Sunday with a unique tool. Court records allege that James Plante, 39, used a cheese grater during his crimes. Police said one of the would-be victims realized it wasn’t a gun and threw him out of the bar. Police said Plante ran away and dropped the cheese grater, but police caught up with him, court records show. He reportedly confessed and was charged with robbery and attempted robbery. – msnbc

I found the coolest little palm sized cheese grater that I took with me camping this weekend. I guess that’s why this story caught my attention… and also because I love that scene in the Woody Allen movie “Take the Money and Run” where he is trying to rob a bank but misspells “Gun” on the hold up note. I guess the kid above sort of reminds me of a very young Woody Allen and I’m guessing the above cheese grater thief had a difficult childhood… which ties the whole thing together.

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